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Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Earrings

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By MonicaByTheShore

Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Earrings

Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Earrings

What supplies did you use to make the earrings?

Hawaiian Sunrise Shells, Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver

What techniques did you use to make the earrings?

These earrings were made with Hawaiian Sunrise Shells and also with shell chips. After drilling holes in the Sunrise Shells and the chips, I wire wrapped sterling silver, and threaded Swarovski Crystals to attach to the ear wires. Makes a casual natural beach piece of jewelry just a little more elegant.

Tips and Tricks

  • Clean your Sunrise Shells really well
  • Use the smallest Dremel drill bit for the hole
  • Use Sterling Silver

What do you think make these earrings so special?

The Sunrise Shells make them special!

Feel free to include your name and/or URL.

Monica Parker http//www.monicabytheshore.com

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