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Free Form Wire Ring


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Introduction and Supplies
Free Form Wire Ring

Free Form Wire Ring

Tammy Powley
These are quick and easy to make and are great little impulse purchase items for adults and especially for younger customers. When I participated in art shows, I would throw a few of these in a little bowl in my booth and sell them for a few dollars. Young girls love them. These instructions will make a ring that is a size 7. For larger rings, use more wire.

Here are the supplies and equipment you'll need: About 4 inches of 18-gauge round wire (silver, copper, or gold-filled)
Wire cutters
Chain-nosed pliers
Jeweler's file
Ring mandrel
Raw hide hammer

Note: A ring mandrel and raw hide hammer help to shape and size the ring. You could probably get away, in a pinch, with using a round wooden dowel as a substitute for the mandrel. If you decide to purchase a ring mandrel, make sure you get a metal one and not plastic. You will be banging on it and the plastic ones just don’t last. As far as the hammer, it must be raw hide so it doesn’t scratch the wire.

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