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Wire Ring Projects

Rings are so easy and fun to make with wire. You just need a little sterling silver or gold-filled wire and a few jewelry making tools and you can whip up your own wire toe rings and finger rings in no time.

Curly Wire and Hematite Bead Ring
If you like instant gratification, and who doesn’t, then you’ll enjoy making this quick wire and bead ring project. I show two variations, one using a hematite bead and one using a ceramic bead, but the method to make them is the same.

Wire Ring Projects
You can be surprised what you can make with only a few inches of wire and some easy metal fabrication techniques. These ring designs are easy to make and take a minimal amount of materials and tools.

Curly Wire & Bead Ring
Get some immediate gratification with this fun project.

Ring a Ding Ding
You’ll find previous ring projects along with a picture of each here.

Free Form Ring
Make a free form ring using wire and some hand tools.

Wire Wrapped Toe Ring
Toe rings are still a hot jewelry trend, and they are pretty easy to make by fabricating some sterling silver wire.

Hip 2 Be Square Wire Toe Ring
I call this a toe ring, but you could easily wear it on a finger as well. I've formed the wire into square shapes on either end to make this easy fabricated wire ring.

Wire Wrapped Bead Ring
Use a ring mandrel along with some wire and your choice of bead to make this fun ring design.

Free Form Wire Ring
A little wire, a ring mandrel, and some imagination can go a long way when you try this technique for making free-form wire rings.

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