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Wire Necklace Projects

Make chains, pendants, and much more by incorporating sterling silver, copper, or gold-filled wire into your necklace designs. You'll find lots of easy wire necklace projects here for all levels of jewelry making.

Festive Cinco de Mayo Lampwork Necklace
You will be ready to welcome Cinco de Mayo in fashion with this fun and festive necklace design.

Turtle Time Mother of Pearl and Sterling Necklace
Show your support of sea turtles with this Y-necklace design that combines faceted gray mother-of-pearl beads, sterling silver, and a cute turtle charm.

Courageous Copper and Faceted Mother-of-Pearl Necklace
A courageous copper pendant was the inspiration for this necklace that combines copper wire, silver spacer beads, and faceted mother-of-pearl beads. The result is a mix of earthy, industrial, and feminine style.

Wild Wire and Lampwork Bead Necklace
I teamed up some wildly bright colored lampwork beads along with some colored wire components for a jewelry design that won't be missed.

Harlequin Wire, Onyx, Mother of Pearl, and Crystal Necklace
Nothing it more classic than the combination of black and white. Add some sterling silver wire to these beads, which are a mixture of mother-of-pearl, black onyx, and crystals, and the metal really makes this necklace pop.

Serenity Ceramic, Wire, & Stone Necklace
With this unique assortment of ceramic, wire, hemp, and stone, you can create a unique necklace with an industrial flair.

Wire Necklace Projects
Make a wide assortment of necklace designs using any of these easy to follow project instructions. Use only wire and make a chain or add beads for something a little extra. You have a large selection to choose from.

More Is Better Bead & Chain Necklace
Let your creative juices overflow with this eclectic 40 inch bead and chain necklace project.

Crystal Freedom Necklace
The theme for this wire, chain, and crystal necklace design came from the idea of freedom and starting a new life.

Coin Pearl and Stick Chain Necklace
Fabricate a chain and add a little elegant pendant you also make yourself using wire, pearls, and crystals.

Wire Heart & Lampwork Ribbon Necklace
Red and white beads "pop" in this unusual necklace made from combining of wire, lampwork, crystals, glass, and ribbon.

3 Strand, Lots of Style Necklace
Wire, crystal beads, pearls, a pendant, and chain are included in this mix of this fashionable and functional three strand necklaces that can be worn all kinds of different ways.

Classy Pearl and Wire Necklace
With classic pearls and some thin sterling wire, you can make your own classy pearl necklace.

Cube Crystal and Chain Necklace
Begin your chain and crystal cube necklace.

Crystal Butterfly Bead and Wire Necklace
Crystal beads, sterling wire, and a beautiful butterfly are the ingredients for this cute necklace.

Star Bright Earrings & Necklace
You will love this really easy but sparkling Ventian glass bead jewelry set: easy to make and even easier to wear.

Rainbow Glass Necklace
This Rainbow Glass Necklace uses wire, bead, chain, and of course, glass to make a colorful necklace that is perfect for a hot, summer day.

Clover Chain
This chain project combines my wire clover design and jump rings to create a clover style chain. It can either by left unsoldered or soldered

Simply Turquoise Necklace
The look is simply and so is the technique. You can make this necklace and have it around your neck in just a few minutes.

Knit with Wire
Believe it or not - you can knit with wire. It takes a few important tools and some practice, but these tips may help you learn to knit with wire.

The Long and the Short of It
A jewelry problem turned into a handy solution for shortening a beaded necklace using a little wire.

Floating Flower Necklace
Created to enhance a favorite, lampwork beads, this small grouping of beads in this necklace float because they are not anchored into position. They will slide and move as the person who wears the necklace moves.

Copper Creation
I have been in the mood to create a piece with copper wire, so when I received these beautiful lampwork beads from Corina of Corina Beads inspiration struck.

Long, Long Lariat
The longer the lariat the more options there are for wearing it. With this super long lariat design, you can wear it in a number of ways.

Bead & Wire Lariat
Create your own simple elegance with this bead and wire lariat design.

Lovely Lapis Dangle Necklace
Royal blue with streaks of pyrite, who can resist beautiful lapis lazuli? I’ve been hoarding a few strands of these luscious stone beads. Though I have already made one necklace for a special customer using these beads, I made sure I set aside some for myself. I finally decided to make my own lapis necklace using this dangle design.

Celtic Wire & Bead Chain
Go Crazy with this wire component and add some beads to make this Celtic chain.

Wire Wrapped Beads
Accent your bead and wire chains by wrapping more wire around your beads.

Pumpkin Vine Necklace
Take those delicious pumpkin beads and make a wild pumpkin vine necklace for the fall holidays.

Quad-Loopal Component
I’m not against buying pre-made jewelry components to include in my jewelry designs. However, it’s really nice to be able to make your own whenever possible. This is one design I created after doodling with a pen and paper.

Wire Coil Chain
No soldering is required, but this wire chain is pretty hefty. It can be made into a necklace or bracelet.

Center Piece Necklace
Make a one of a kind piece using various techniques such as wire, fusing, casting, and beading.

Howlite & Silver
Howlite beads and silver wire and plate are combined to make this pretty necklace.

Bead & Wire Chain
This design can be used to make a bracelet or necklace. There are many possibilities with this design.

Wire Snake Shape
Make this snake shape from wire to use as an earring or add to a necklace.

Swirl Wire Design
This design can be used to make earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Copper Wire and Lampwork Bead Creation
Lampwork beads inspired this copper wire and bead chain creation.

Cloisonné and Wire Collar Necklace
This dramatic collar style necklace incorporates a few crystals and one large cloisonne bead.

Crystals, Copper, and Brass Key Necklace
This vintage-style necklace includes a mix of metals, copper and brass, as well as some super sparkly purple crystal rondelle beads and a key charm.

Bib-Style Copper, Lampwork, and Crystal Necklace
This bib-style necklace falls around the collar bone. Though the lampwork beads are the obvious stars in this piece, the bamboo patterned toggle clasp provides a nice aside accent.

Briolette Crystal Circle Pendant
Load up some wire with sparkling crystal beads and form it into a circle that you can wear on your choice of sterling silver chain.

Brass and Lampwork Bird on a Wire Necklace
Lampwork beads,including an awesome bird bead by Cindy Gimbrone, are mixed with red brass metal in this necklace. After making the wire and bead center section, use brass wire to fabricate an interesting chain and attach it.

Mirror Crystals and Wire Hoop Necklace
Create a frame with wire and then wrap it super sparkly crystals.

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