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Make Your Own Rings: Easy Ring Projects to Do at Home

Ring Book Review

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Make Your Own Rings: Easy Ring Project to Do at Home by Nana V. Mizushima

Make Your Own Rings: Easy Ring Project to Do at Home by Nana V. Mizushima

Nana V. Mizushima
Nana V. Mizushima is a familiar name in the world of jewelry making. You may have already read about her on this site before, in fact, when I reviewed her book Metal Clay Magic.

While she is a master of metal clay, Mizushima has a wide range of jewelry making skills, which she shares in her book Make Your Own Rings: Easy Ring Projects to Do at Home ($29 US). This book is all about making rings and covers a wide range of jewelry techniques.


The mixture of techniques is probably one of the most unusual elements of this book. While the author is well-known for her metal clay skills, she doesn't stick to just metal clay in this book. Along with metal clay, you'll find wire work, polymer clay, and wire combined with beads.

The first section of the book is full of technical information such as ring sizing, mold making, and metal clay firing. There is also information about the various tools and supplies you'll need. Just shy of about 100 pages, this section is pretty detailed.


The rest of the 166 page book primarily focuses on ring making projects. The first section includes 11 projects considered at the "easy" level, all of which include little or no firing. This is where you'll find the projects that use wire with a few that use some polymer clay or metal clay. For example, the "Textured Sterling Silver Band" ring shows how to use half-round wire and low-fire metal clay to create a very simple band ring.

The "more challenging" projects are in the next section. This has another 11 projects, all of which use metal clay such as metal clay paper for an "Origami Box Ring" (pictured with a blue glass cab in the center).

The projects and many of the techniques pages include full-color images to help illustrate the process.

Concluding Thoughts

Rings are probably some of the most difficult projects to do when it comes to metal clay, so if this is something you've wanted to master, you have lots of opportunity to practice with all of these projects, even if not all of them have to do with metal clay. It is actually pretty unusual for a book to cover different techniques like this and instead focusing on the end product - rings - so this could be a good or a bad thing depending on what readers want. If you like the idea of trying different techniques with an emphasis on metal clay, then great, but if you are more of a wire person, then there may not be that much for you in this book.

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