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Celtic Wire Component

Celtic Wire Component

Tammy Powley
As a component piece, this Celtic design can be used for a variety of a variety of reasons such as a simple pendant. Or you can dangle two from ear hooks and make earrings. It also works well as part of a wire chain design.

If you don’t have a jig and don’t feel like making a jig, you could also create this piece using round nosed pliers. Simply bend the wire around your pliers instead around the pegs of a jig. I’ve created a "virtual jig" for the purpose of this tutorial.

You’ll notice the wire wraps around the middle pegs in the shape of figure eights. I found it helpful to use a knitting needle to push the wire down around the jig pegs as I wrapped the wire. You can use any type of wire you like. Of course, I recommend using copper wire to practice before working with silver or gold-filled.

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