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Wire Jig Patterns & Projects

Jigs are a great way to make lots of wire jewelry designs and to ensure that they are all uniform in shape and size. You can even make your own jig. Here's you'll find free wire jig patterns, wire jig product information, and lots of wire jig jewelry making projects using wire such as sterling silver and gold-filled.

Wire Jewelry Jig Defined
A wire jewelry jig is a tool used when forming wire into various patterns or designs.

Wire Jewelry Clover Jig Component
Learn to use a simple wire jig jewelry pattern to make this clover component.

How to Use a Jig to Make a Wire Bracelet
Make your own jig for bending wire, and then follow this simple wire pattern to make your first wire bracelet on it.

Wire Snake Jewelry Jig Component
A versatile design, this wire shape snakes around back and forth. Use it as is to create a pendant, or add a dangle to jazz it up. You can also make a few and attach ear wires to make a pair of earrings.

Jump Ring Joy
Though there are as many ways to make jump rings as there is to cook chicken, here's yet another technique to try using a jig.

Jig Video Review
On the urging of her wire students, Corrine Gurry, creator of the Wire Wizard, deleloped her first video class called The Wire Wizard Video Notebook.

Do the Jig
Get your handy man hat on and make your own wire jig. You just need a few nails, tools, and a block of wood.

"A" Bracelet
Use a jig to make this simple wire bracelet.

Wire Clover with Bead
This wire and bead component can be used to make earrings or included in a necklace or bracelet design.

Jig Clover
Learn how to use a wire jig to make a cool clover pattern.

Wire Snake Shape
Make this snake shape from wire to use as an earring or add to a necklace.

Battle of the Wire Jewelry Jigs
A group of did some usability testing on a variety of different wire jewelry jigs. These are our findings.

Celtic Wire Component
Learn how to wrap wire around jig pegs in order to make a Celtic wire design.

"S" Hook Adapter for Eye Glass Chains and Necklaces
This "S" hook is easy and make and functional for adapting all kinds of jewelry such as eye glass chains and necklaces.

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