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Lampwork and Wire Snowman Earrings


Lampwork and Wire Snowman Earrings

Lampwork and Wire Snowman Earrings

Tammy Powley
Use a few wire techniques to turn two lampwork snowmen beads into some holiday jewelry. These literally take minutes to make.

You will need the following:

*2 - 13mm Snowmen head lampwork beads
About 1 foot of 21-gauge dead-soft brass wire
Wire cutters
Chain-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers
Nylon-nosed pliers
Jeweler's file

*These came from Rings & Things, item #28-333-74.

1. Use some wire to make two coil head pins.

2. Slip a lampwork bead onto one head pin, and finish the top with a wrapped loop.

3. Repeat step 2 for the second bead.

4. Make two ear hooks, and attach them to the top of each wrapped loop.

That's it!

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