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Using a Ring Jig to Make Jump Rings


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Introduction and Materials
Making Jump Rings

Making Jump Rings

Tammy Powley
Though you can buy pre-made jump rings from most jewelry suppliers, if you need a lot of jump rings, for making a chain for example, then you might want to make your own. There are probably as many ways to make jump rings as there are to cook chicken. In fact, I’ve already posted instructions for making a basic jump ring. However, after purchasing a ring jig from Rio Grande, my husband has perfected his own technique for making jump rings. So, I grabbed my digital camera in order to show you yet another way to make lots of jump rings.

You’ll need:

1 bench vice
2 pairs of vice grips
1 large drill bit (We used a 5/16 inch wide, 18 inch long bit.)
Wire (16 gauge round is a good choice.)
Hand saw & saw blades
Bees wax
Brookhart ™ Plus Ring Jig

Note Concerning Supplies: First a note about some of the supplies used here. He used what we had already. So, don’t go out a buy a huge drill bit for example. Look around, and use what you have on hand. A large screw driver might work or even a nail. As far as the wire used, again, he used what we had and what he likes, which is 16 gauge round sterling wire. Use what you have or what is appropriate for your project.

Note About the Jig: Rio Grande has two jigs that are both made by Brookhart ™ and are very similar. The Jump Ring Maker allows you to both wrap the wire and saw the rings. The Plus Ring Jig does not allow you to wrap the wire, only saw the rings. However, it does have an area for cutting rings and watches, so that can be handy. This project uses the Plus Ring Jig.

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