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Introduction and Materials
Ear Hooks

Ear Hooks

Tammy Powley
After many jewelry makers get to a certain level in their craft, they start to consider the design aspects of more than just beads and components that they include in their jewelry. Many begin to realize that the findings they use to connect all the parts and pieces together to create jewelry have an aesthetic affect on the end result. This is when the first inkling of an idea starts to grow in their minds: making your own findings. With practice, a few hand tools, and a little wire, you'd be surprised at how simple it can be to make your own jewelry findings. Ear hooks are one of the most often used findings, and they are one of the simplest to make also.

You'll need:

*22 or 21 gauge round silver wire
Wire cutters
Jeweler's file
Round-nosed pliers

*A note about the wire: I really prefer 21-gauge wire for most findings, especially ear wires. This size wire fits easily through most ear holes, is pretty strong, and still fits through most beads starting at about the 4mm size. However, not many wire suppliers sell this odd size, though it doesn't hurt to ask your favorite supplier if he could get some for you. 22-gauge is the next size down (remember that the larger the number the smaller the wire), and is also a pretty good multi-purpose size of round wire, so it also works fine for this project.

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