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Wire Jewelry Findings

Make your own findings to enhance your jewelry creations using wire and a few hand tools. Make ear hooks, clasps, jump rings, and more.

Wire and Lampwork Bead Clover Component
Either do this free-hand using round-nose pliers or use a wire jig to make this wire and lampwork bead clover component.

How to Make a Wire Coil Clasp
This is a basic wire hook and eye clasp with a twist, or actually, a coil to jazz it up a little.

Wire Eye Glass Chain Adapter
Use this easy to make wire adapter to turn a beaded eye glass chain into a necklace.

Copper Wire and Resin Bead Clasp
Use copper wire along with a resin bead to make this double sided hook style clasp.

Wire Coil Cone Jewelry Clasp
When using stringing media such as ribbon and other fibers, it can be a problem figuring out how to end the jewelry piece and attach a clasp. Metal cone shaped components are nice to use, so I decided to make some myself using wire and also create a clasp on the end of the cones as well.

Make Jewelry Findings Using Wire and Beads
Learn to make clasps, ear hooks, and other wonderful wire findings with these free and easy to follow wire findings tutorials.

Make a Wire Coil Eye Pin
Eye pins are findings used to connect various jewelry components together. This tutorial shows you to make a jazzed up eye pin using a little wire and a few hand tools.

Amulet & Necklace Wire Hooks
These simple to make wire hooks work well for attaching a necklace to a beaded amulet or for using on the ends of a necklace

Wire Coil Head Pin
This versatile wire coil technique is perfect for making simple head pins or finishing off your wire to just jazz up your jewelry a little.

Bead Ear Hook Variation
Learn to make ear hooks using a little wire, and then accent them with your choice of beads.

Using a Ring Jig to Make Jump Rings
Here is yet another method for making jump rings. These instructions include using a bench vice and ring jig.

Make Your Own Ear Hooks
With practice, a few hand tools, and a little wire, you'd be surprised at how simple it can be to make your own jewelry findings. Ear hooks are one of the most often used findings, and they are one of the simplest to make also.

Make a Beaded Hook Wire Clasp
Add more depth to your jewelry designs with this very simple variation on my hook clasp.

Make a Hook and Eye Clasp from Wire
You will be amazed how simple it is to make your own hook and eye clasp using wire and a few hand tools.

Double Wire Jewelry Hook
Make a double wire hook to finish off some of those chains you've been making, or use it to finished off a beaded necklace.

Triple Loop Wire Technique
This wire technique works well to create clasps, head pins, and other components that you can integrate into your jewelry.

Four Loop Wire Component
Learn to make this very versatile wire component. Use it for earrings, bracelets, or even as part of a clasp

How to Make an Eye Pin
Deceptively simple, you can whip up eye pins in no time using a little wire and a few hand tools.

Wrapped Hook Clasp
Whip up this simple hook clasp using a little wire and a few hand-tools.

Wire Heart Head Pin
This is designed as a head pin with a little upside down heart on the bottom of the wire; however, you may be able to adapt this wire heart into other interesting jewelry elements.

Proper and Quick Jump Ring Techniques
Learn two different ways - one the proper way and one the quick way - of using wire to make jump rings.

Make a Wire Flower Clasp
Use a little wire and lots of wire loops to make this flower hook and eye style clasp.

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