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Wire Earring Projects

Wire is so versatile, and it only takes a little wire to create a pair of beautiful earrings. Linked here you'll find a huge list of fun and easy wire earring jewelry making projects.

True Blue Crystal Flower Earrings
Cute flower components dangle from sterling and crystal in these sparkling earrings made with wire and beads.

Amethyst Briolette and Filigree Copper Earrings
Dark amethyst briolettes enhance copper filigree components in these earrings that have an old elegance to them.

Exposed Wire Wrapped Hoop Earrings
The wire work in these hoop earrings looks super intricate, but in reality, the base hoop is filigree with a one long wire wrapped around it securing tiny glass teardrop beads.

Wire Hanger Dangle Earrings
Adding simple swirl dangles is one way to give these wire hanger earrings a different look.

Wire and Chain Briolette Earrings
Use your metal fabrication skills (or learn some new ones) along with chain, wire, and smoky quartz briolette beads to make these fashion-forward earrings.

Amazing Butterfly Crystal Dangle Hoop Earrings
These are amazingly easy to make and amazingly pretty to wear.

Santa Charm and Crystal Dangle Earrings
Team up a stamped brass Santa charm with red and green crystal dangles and brass wire.

Fine Silver Link, Pearl, and Crystal Earrings
Incorporate a fine silver metal link as the focal piece for these elegant hand-crafted pearl and crystal earrings.

Gold Metal Clay Star Earrings
A little gold metal clay can go a long way in a pair of simple bead and wire earrings.

Wrap and Curl Earrings
Make these carnelian and poppy jasper bead and wire earrings using some simple wire wrapping techniques.

Blast from the Past Crystal Earrings
I used to make and sell these crystal and hematite star earrings like hot cakes back in the day.

Can't Decide Rainbow Earrings
Sometimes you have so many beautiful beads it's hard to decide which ones to use for a design. That was my dilemma when I started making these sterling and crystal earrings.

Bow Tie Crystal Heart Earrings
Unusually shaped Swarovski crystal crystal beads were the inspiration for these wire and bead earrings.

Chandelier Earrings
Learn about chandelier earrings. What are they? Are they still popular? How do you make them? In just a six weeks, you'll know all you need to know to whip up a pair or two in no time. This class is designed for beginners and intermediate jewelry makers.

Star Spangled Crystal Earrings
Mix colorful red, white, and blue crystals with hematite hearts to make a pair of patriotic earrings.

Flying Butterfly & Flower Earrings
Combine butterfuly charms, crysals, and wire for this pretty earring project.

Make Wire Earrings
Here are loads of links to all kinds of wire earring projects. So, get our your wire and pliers.

Wire Wrapped Coin Pearl Earrings
Coin-shapped pearl earrings are accented with wire wrapping and crystal dangels in this pretty earring project.

Crystal Slider Earrings
With a little imagination, some wire, and crystal beads, you can turn slider components into earrings.

Two-Tone Heart Earrings
These two-tone earrings incoporate both sterling silver and gold and include crystal dangle heart charms.

Purse & Sun Glass Earrings
A little wire and a few crystals combined with some fun purse and sun glass charms and you've got a fun pair of earrings perfect for wearing on a cruise or out with your friends.

Bead and Wire Earring Projects
Two perfect jewelry making combinations - wire and beads - add them together to come up with a huge assortment of earring projects. Here are lots of wire and bead earrings, using materials such as gemstones, crystals, and precious metals to get you started.

Wrap & Curl Earrings
I combined a number of jewelry techniques to create these earrings, which make a matching set when combined with my Heart Throb Necklace and Flower & Bead Bracelet projects.

Tea Time Earrings
Earrings don’t always have to match exactly. If they share a similar theme, like these Tea Time Earrings, they can add a little playfulness to your jewelry designs.

Flower Connection Earrings
Call it whatever you like, but it is a versatile piece that can be combined with other wire pieces and beads to create numerous designs.

Golden Crystal Dragonfly Earrings
The sparkle on these crystal earrings make these golden colored crystal bead and wire earrings stand out, while the dainty dragonfly charm keeps them delicate and whimsical.

Medieval Earrings
After making these earrings, they reminded me of the large, steeple style hats worn by women during the Medieval period - thus the title of these earrings.

Persuasion Earrings
I tried to create earrings that would be appropriate for an older heroine to wear such as Anne Elliot in Jane Austen's book Persuasion. That is why I selected jet crystal beads to accent the sterling wire.

Sense & Sensibility Earrings
I’ve created two earring designs with similar characteristics: One for the head and one for the heart.

Emma Earrings
The I can picture Emma, of Jane Austens' book by the same name, wearing these silver and crystal earrings over afternoon tea.

Czech Flower Earrings
Make some cute little flower earrings using beads and wire and match the necklace project I posted a little while back.

Princess Earrings
These earrings look like a princess would wear them. I use hematite and crystal beads along with sterling wire.

Celtic Wire Earrings
An elegant pair of earrings are easy to make by combining this Celtic wire design, a few findings, and some beads.

PC Pumpkin Earrings
Polymer clay and your creativity are used to make these cute little pumpkins you can then make into earrings.

Beaded Bead Button Earrings
Show off your favorite buttons and enhance them in this earring design that incorporates beaded beads into the design.

Button & Wire Earrings
Take the extra buttons attached to a fancy blouse and make a matching pair of earrings.

Part 2- Swirl Wire Design
This is the second part of a previous project. This design can be used to make earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Czech Beads and Wire Flower Earrings
Wire and Czech crystal beads form small flower-type designs in these earrings.

Rose Quartz and Pewter Bead Earrings
Save a little dough and get a lot of bang for your buck when you combine silver, pewter, and rose quartz in this earring design.

Northanger Abbey Earrings
Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey has a spooky or Gothic twist to the plot. So, when I witnessed how these Alexanderite Czech beads eerily turned from pale purple to icy blue under white light, I thought these would be perfect to use in these earrings.

Sterling Blue Hoop Earrings

Colored Wire Bow Earrings
Why use bows for just gifts when you can make colorful wire bows and turn them into earrings?

Chain, Wire, and Crystal Teardrop Earrings
Faceted aurora borealis crystal teardrop-shaped beads are pretty dramatic just on their own, so to add to the drama, I included some wire and chain to make these long earrings that show off the sparkle of these crystal beads.

Eiffel Tower, Pearl, and Crystal Earrings
Become inspired by France and make these antique bronze finished Eiffel Tower earrings that include pearl and crystal dangles.

"S" Wire Component Earrings
Make two "S" shaped components for these simple wire earrings.

Pearl Dangle Earrings
Combine gold-tone wire and pearl beads for this elegant earring design.

Dangling Garnet and Silver Earrings
Use wire to connect garnet crystal sections and silver beads for these dramatic dangle style earrings.

Make a Pairl of Wire Swirl Earrings
For beginners looking to make their first pair of wire earrings, this is the perfect project.

Wire Coil Earrings
This simple wire coiling technique can be used for all kinds of wire jewelry making such as making these fun coil earrings.

Jetson Wire and Bead Earrings
These wire and bead earrings give a nod to the old TV cartoon called The Jetsons.

Embellished Hoop Earrings with Beaded Dangles
Discover how you can create dangles for embellishing hoop earrings.

Wire Hanger and Bead Earrings
Form wire into a "hanger" design and include some accent beads in this fun earrings tutorial.

Vintage Flair Crystal Teardrop Earrings
While these are not vintage earrings, the use of copper and crystals give them a vintage flair.

Carnelian and Copper Flower Earrings
Add carnelian beads and wire and accent with a textured flower charm.

Copper Coil Top Crystal Earrings
A simple wire coiling technique is used on teardrop shaped crystal beads in this earring tutorial

Crystal Hoop Wire Earrings
Wire and beads formed into a half circle to create some unique hoop earrings.

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