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Colorful Chakra Bracelet


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Colorful Chakra Bracelet
Colorful Chakra Bracelet

Colorful Chakra Bracelet

Tammy Powley
A friend of mine, who practices yoga, asked me to make her a bracelet using beads with colors that represented some of the different Chakras. She wanted something she could use while meditating but that she could also wear as a piece of jewelry. She asked for certain colors of beads that had different meanings for each color: white for awareness; red for energy; yellow for intellect; green for prosperity; and blue for tranquility.

Because I wasn't 100 percent sure what she wanted, I used materials I had on hand and made this prototype design as a way to gauge what she was looking for. Along with beads in the Chakra colors, I added a few hematite beads to help give the bracelet some length since they have a more neutral color.

The supplies I used include the following: 1 - 15x8mm Green glass teardrop bead
1 - 8mm Hematite bead
2 - 6mm Rondelle-shaped yellow glass beads
1 - 10mm Clear faceted crystal beads
1 - 5x8mm Red oval-shaped glass beads
1 - 15x7mm Hematite teardrop bead
1 - 10mm Rondelle-shaped blue glass bead
2-feet of 18-gauge Copper wire
Wire cutters
Chain-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers
Nylon-nosed pliers

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