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Jewelry Tool and Equipment Reviews


You need the right tool or piece of jewelry making equipment for the right jewelry making job. Here are a few reviews to get you started thinking about the important tools you need to make jewelry.

Dual EuroCrimpers

Eurotool Crimper
The Dual EuroCrimper tool is designed to work with medium sized crimp beads ranging from 2mm to 3mm in size.

Micro Crimping Pliers

Micro Crimper
For very fine beading work, like the kind you might do with seed beads or pearls, you may need to use very tiny crimp beads. If so, then you'll need special crimping pliers called Micro Crimpers.

Phoenix Bead Chart

Beaded Phoenix Chart
Beaded Phoenix
The Phoenix Bead Chart is a handy wall reference, especially for the less experienced beader.

Small Jewelry Tools for Big Jewelry Jobs

Beadalon Small Tool Kit
Beadalon has a small kit of tools perfect for travel or for those new to jewelry making.

Bead Reamer Set

Fire Mountain Gems & Beads
When working with certain types of beads, such as pearls, it's handy to have a bead reamer available. This set includes four reaming tips so you can fix though beads when you need to.

Nylon-Nosed Pliers

Nylon-nosed Pliers
Tammy Powley
How many times have you goofed up a design and had to finally throw a piece of wire into the scrap bin? I have too many times. Now, with these pliers, you can actually straighten out the wire, and since the nose is nylon, the wire isn’t marked up.

Two-Hole Metal Punch

Punch Hole in Copper
Tammy Powley
Learn about this handy little tool for punching holes in soft metal.

Wubbers, Tools for Jewelry Making

Wubbers Jewelry Making Tools
Wubbers are made and distributed by Euortools. The product line includes three different types: baby wubbers, classic wubbers, and designer wubbers.

Cold Heat Glue Gun

ColdHeat Glue Gun
ColdHeat Glue Gun
Learn about the ColdHeat glue gun and how you can use it your jewelry making and other craft projects.

Cutter for Beading Wire

Soft-Flex Beading Wire Cutters
Soft Flex has created a tool specifically to cut beading wire of all different diameters. Bead stringers, in particular, will find these very handy.
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