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Tips for Taking Pictures of Your Jewelry


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Take Jewelry Pictures with a Scanner
Sterling Silver Charm

Sterling Silver Charm

Tammy Powley
Most people are going to think I’m crazy, but one of the best anniversary gifts I ever got from my husband was a flat bed scanner. Okay, he also got me a gorgeous ruby and diamond ring that year, so that was really the best gift. But, that scanner came in a close second. Flat bed scanners are very reasonably priced today and easy to install. Mine only took me about 20 minutes to install. Many scanners can also be hooked up so you can still run your printer too, which is a real time saver.

Probably the neatest thing about these scanners is that you can either scan in photos of your work, or (if the item isn't huge) very often you can lay it out on the scanner, close the lid, and scan the piece. Voila! You have an instant scanned image. Then you can save it into a .jpg, .gif, whatever format you like.

Now, I have to admit that for whatever reason not all scanners will do a decent job of scanning in flat objects like jewelry. I have found that Visioneer OneTouch scanners have worked for me, but I once had a Hewlett-Packard combo scanner and printer, and it did such an awful job of scanned jewelry that I took it back. I did call their customer service people first, but the guy thought I was a loon when I tried to explain that I was scanning in actual jewelry pieces.

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