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How to Teach Jewelry Making Classes


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Teaching Jewelry Making

Teaching Jewelry Making

Teaching Jewelry Making
If you’ve been making jewelry for any length of time, you’ve probably considered trying to make some money from your chosen craft. You may have even been asked by friends if your work is available for purchase. Making money from jewelry making almost becomes a necessity, unless you’re independently wealthy. How else can more tools, equipment, and supplies be purchased? Selling your work either in your own shop, through galleries, or through shows is the most obvious avenue for making money from your jewelry. However, teaching your craft to others can earn you extra income as well as provide you with the satisfaction of helping others.

I spent a few years setting up and running my own local jewelry making classes in my town, and it turned out to be fairly successful for me. It took some work, and honestly, I had to discontinue my jewelry classes because eventually I didn't have the time to dedicate to it like I needed to; however, considering the limited time I did have, I was still able to create a small income from teaching others to make jewelry.

In this article, I give you some tips and suggestions for starting up your own classes based on my personal experience. Specifically, I'll cover the where, what, how, and who aspects of starting classes.

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