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How to Weave a Beaded Ladder Stitch


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Introduction and Materials
Beaded Ladder Stitch

Beaded Ladder Stitch

Tammy Powley
This stitch is often referred to as the "ladder" stitch and is an integral part of many seed bead designs. It can be used with bugle beads or seed beads. These instructions include seed beads, three for each "rung" of the ladder. However, you just need to replace the three seed beads with one bugle bead if you prefer using those instead.

To weave a ladder stitch, you will need the following materials:

Beads (either bugle or seed beads)
Beading thread (such as nymo or silamide)

While making ladders, it is important to keep a good hold of your ladder as you progress. This will keep gaps to a minimum. If you still have large gaps after finishing your ladder, and you have used beads with good sized holes (like Japanese beads), then you can thread back through all the rungs. This will help straighten out your ladder a little.

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