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Making a Beaded Bead


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Introduction and Materials
Peyote Beaded Beads

Peyote Beaded Beads

Tammy Powley
This technique is amazing and a great way to learn or practice a bead weaving stitch called peyote. You literally weave tiny seed beads together to form a tube-shaped bead. If you already know the peyote stitch, you can make these Beaded Beads in about five minutes each. If you don’t know peyote, this project is a great way to learn.

You’ll need:

Beading thread (such as Nymo or Silamide) Beading needle (I prefer to use either a size 10 or 12 normally.)

*I’ve tried this with other seed beads, but I really recommend Delicas whenever you do peyote. Their uniform square shapes make a big difference with this stitch.

In the following pictures, I’m using some weird colors - purple thread and cream and burgundy Delicas - in order to help you see what I’m doing.

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