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Seed Bead Jewelry Tutorials

Learn to make all kinds of seed bead jewelry pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings using these easy to follow step-by-step tutorials.

Faux Flower Beaded Amulet Strap
Use beads normally associated with seed bead fringe to create a simply flower affect on an amulet strap.

Get Started: Seed Bead Jewelry
Find out about the tools, supplies, and some tips you need to get started making seed bead jewelry.

Chunky, Funky Heart Necklace
Use chunky beads in earth tones to create this non-traditional Valentine's theme heart necklace.

Center Piece Necklace
This is a design that combines a number of different jewelry techniques: beading, fusing, wire, and casting. You can make some of the components on this necklace yourself, or buy them already made.

Fringe Earrings 101
Anyone who has ever done much seed beading has probably made these Fringe Earrings. Though a project for the beginner, I still like making them and get compliments whenever I wear a pair.

Coiling Pony Tail Holder
Jazz up a simple elastic pony tail holder with wire and a mix of seed beads.

Crystal Doll Cell Phone Charm
Use this cute little seed bead charm to dangle from your cell phone or incorporate it into a piece of jewelry such as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

Quartz Crystal and Seed Bead Pendant
Use the ladder and brick stitch to make a pouch for a beautiful gemstone crystal. Then add a bail so you can wear it as a pendant.

Spring Fling Beaded Flower
Inspired by a piece of jewelry worn by Drew Barrymore, I created this flower using Japanese seed beads and colored wire. Make one for Easter or for your mom on Mothers' Day.

How to Bead Around a Cabochon
Incorporating cabochons is a great way to expand on seed beaded jewelry designs, and the basic technique is not that difficult to master.

Bead and Wire Lariat
While flipping through a few fashion magazines, I noticed that some of the lariat designs available include a simple strand connected to a loop of some kind. So that was the seed that planted my Wire & Bead Lariat design.

Tacky Beaded Bead
Adhere seed beads to a wooden bead using Terrifically Taky Tape

Beaded Cab Barrette
Use your choice of stone or glass cabs to add to a barrette and then bead around it.

No-Hassel Tassel Necklace
You don't need to be an expert seed beader to make this really easy project and the results are stunning.

Tassel Necklace
Combine your choice of large glass and small seed beads to make lots of these tassel necklaces.

Yoga Necklace
This is another great project that you don't have to an expert seed beader to do, but the result is a wonderful necklace that allows you to combine all kinds of beads from seed to crystal to stones.

Flower Strap
When you make an amulet bag, you need a cool strap to enhance it. These instructions show you how to use Miyuki fringe beads to make a strap that looks like it's got little flowers growing out of it.

Ribbon Amulet
Beautiful ribbon combine with pretty seed beads to make this amulet necklace.

African Amulet Necklace
You can make some fabulous amulet necklaces using this cool stitch that originates from South Africa.

Cocktail Mix Cord
I love these "Cocktail Beaded Cords" because when you can’t decided what to add, you don’t have to. You just added everything!

How to Bead a Ruffle Around a Cab
This seed bead technique can add a little extra to a beaded cabochon.

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