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Introduction and Materials
Tassel Necklace

Tassel Necklace

Tammy Powley
This tassel necklace can be made with any number of bead combinations. Dig around in her bead inventory and see what you come up with. You’ll need to first find 1 large bead around 40mm; 2 medium sized beads, around 25-20mm; and a smaller bead that’s 8-10mm.

I chose some brown glass beads, and I used brown colored nylon thread. To accent these beads, I combined some moon stone, gold stone, and root beer colored Czech crystal beads. Then I used off white Japanese seed beads and brown bugle beads as the filler beads.

To make a tassel necklace, you’ll need:

Size 2 nylon thread with attached needle
1 large bead (about 40mm)
2 medium beads (about 25-20mm)
1 *smaller bead (about 8-10mm)
Seed beads
Bugle beads
Misc. glass and/or stone beads
Corsage pin
Clear nail polish or glue

Note: I like using clear nail polish because it works like glue, but the brush makes it easier to apply where you need to. But, it’s up to you. Glue is great; just make sure you use clear drying and that you have a narrow applicator so you can dab the glue where you want it instead of getting it all over the place.

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