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How to Wire Wrap a Cabochon


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Form Wire Around Cab
Form Wire Around Cab

Form Wire Around Cab

Tammy Powley
1. Take masking tape and wrap it around the edge of the cab. Then carefully unwrap it from the cab and place it along side a ruler. To determine the length of square wire to use, add four inches to the length of the tape. For the cab I did in this example, my length was 7 1/2 inches.

2. Now cut three pieces of square wire at the length determined, and pull the wire pieces through a polishing cloth to help straighten and clean the wire.

3. Next, fit the three pieces of square wire tightly against each other and use the clamps to keep them together. (Before clamping them together, it also looks nice if the top and bottom wires are twisted. It adds to the finished piece and looks a lot like diamond cutting.)

4. Determine the middle of the wires and make the first wrap here using the round wire. Add two other wraps on either side of the middle wrap about 1 inch from the middle.

5. Now fit the cab up against the wrapped wires, and form the wires around the cab so that the middle wrap is against the bottom of the cab and the other wraps are on either side of the cab.

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