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Pendants & Wrapped Cabs

Use wire to create unique pendants to dangle from necklaces or if they are small enough, dangle them from a pair of ear wires to create earrings. Wrap a cabochon with wire or create other unique designs incorporating sterling silver and gold-filled wire and maybe even a bead or two.

How to Wire Wrap a Cabochon
This wire wrapping method works for wrapping a number of different sizes and shapes of cabochons, often referred as cabs.

Chunky Lava Bead Wire Wrapped Pendant and Chain
Wrap a large lava bead with wire and then attach the finished pendant to a simple gold-plated serpentine chain.

Sunny Colored Wire and Shell Pendant
Wrap colorful wire around a natural shell to create this simple pendant design.

Squishy Wire Heart Pendant
Wire is bent with one hand tool and your fingers into a fun wire shape that can be worn as a pendant.

Purple Peace Pendant
I like to mix shapes when it comes to incorporating beads and wire, so with this pendant design I mixed a square bead, bicone crystals, and a teardrop-shaped briolette bead.

Think Pink Cell Phone Charm
Make this cell phone charm with wire and beads to help raise breast cancer awareness. You can also use it as a pendant or make two for earrings if you'd prefer.

Wire and Pearl Cross Pendant
Pearls come in all kinds of unusual shapes these days, so it is fun to incorporate them into jewelry designs to make something a little unusual. But, what do you do when they have no hole? If the pearl piece is large enough, you can make a simple wire wrapped bale for it. That’s what I did with this cross-shaped pearl component.

Teapot Bead Pendant
Use wire techniques, a bead, and a fun teapot component to make this sweet teapot pendant.

Cell Phone Jewelry Dangles
Make dangling pendant for your cell phone in just minutes.

Squishy Wire Heart
Wire is bent with one hand tool and your fingers into a fun wire shape that can be worn as a pendant.

Bead & Wire Butterfly
Make these little butterflies for hair accessories or to dangle from ear wires or chains.

Wire & Glass Pendant
Show off your wire designs by fusing them in glass to make a unique pendant.

Wrapping an Opal Cab
I had to wrap my opal cab right away so I could wear it. While doing so, I made a few changes to an old yet popular wire project on my site thus creating a cool, new pendant.

Glass Bead Pendant
Do you have a favorite glass bead? Learn how to make it into a pendant so you can wear it on a chain or put it on a beaded necklace.

Wire Clover with Bead
This wire and bead component can be used to make earrings or included in a necklace or bracelet design.

Wrap a Cab
Learn how to use square and round wire to wrap a cabochon or a piece of "beach" glass.

Knit with Wire Jewelry Tips
Use these tips for knitting with wire and creating unique wire jewelry creations.

Wire Wrapped Opal Glass Cab
See how wire wrapping techniques can be used with fused glass just as with gemstones.

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