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Keshi Pearls and Shell Pendant Necklace


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Materials Needed
Necklace Supplies

Necklace Supplies

Tammy Powley
To make the Keshi Pearls and Shell Pendant Necklace you will need the following materials and tools:

1 Strand of cream colored Keshi pearls
1 38x48mm Shell pendant
12 - 4mm Swarovski round crystal clear Aurora Borealis beads
26 Size 11 cream colored Japanese seed beads
2 - 2x2mm Sterling silver crimp beads
1 - 12mm Sterling silver toggle clasp
About 20 inches of .014 or .015 beading wire
1 - 5mm Sterling silver jump ring
1 Bead Stopper
Crimping pliers
Wire cutters
Chain-nosed pliers

As you can see, I tried to team up seed beads, pearls, and the shell pendant that all had similar shades of cream to them. The colors of the shell and pearls will vary to a certain extent, but as long as they are in the same family of color, that's what you are trying to do when you select your accent beads such as the crystals and seed beads.

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