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Pearl Jewelry Making and Related Information

I love pearls! Who doesn't? Learn to make beautiful pearl jewelry along with information on pearl care and more.

Pretty in Pink Pearl Necklace
Petite pearls and matching pink nylon cord make up this simple tiny cup design necklace.

The Power of Pearls
Pearl trends, history, folk lore, and care, learn this and more about the powerful pearl.

Keshi Pearls and Shell Pendant Necklace
The beautiful textural appeal of Keshi pearls works perfectly with a dramatic shell pendant and accents of crystals in this necklace design.

Pearl Necklace Projects
Pearls are forever classic jewelry elements that can be used to make traditional was well as trendy necklace designs.

Single Pearl Necklace
You can make traditional jewelry just as easily, if not more so, than artistic jewelry. This single pearl pendant on a chain is one of the all time classic jewelry designs.

Updated Classic Pearl Earrings
These double dangle pearl earrings are classic and trendy at the same time.

Swarovski Pearl Glam Earrings
Swarovski are not the real thing, but they are still beautiful and perfectly round. These pretty pink faux pearls are teamed up with some of their famous crystal beads for some knockout glamor.

The Power of Pearls
Learn about pearl care, history, trends, myths. Pearls are more popular than ever and are an important jewelry component for many jewelry makers.

Traditional Knotting
Learn the traditional technique for knotting your fine pearl jewelry.

Knotting for Cheaters
Try this technique for simple way to knot a pearl or bead necklace.

Side-Drilled Pearl Solution Earrings
Side-drilled pearls are so pretty and unusual, but they can be challenging to work with. Finally, inspiration came to me and I came up with a design so that I could use them in a pair of earrings.

Prom Queen Adjustable Necklace
You can wear this pearl, crystals, chain, and wire necklace three different ways, so it's super versatile.

Prom Queen Bracelet
This is a sweet heart, crystal, and pearl bracelet with a special dangle heart charm added for that romantic touch.

Woven Pearl Bracelet
One of my most popular projects - Weave a pearl bracelet using small freshwater pearls and two beading needles.

Mansfield Park
Pearls are believed to symbolize purity, and purity of heart is a perfect match to these sweet pearl earrings.

Pearl Hoop Earrings
Freshwater pearls are used in this design to make a pair of hoop earrings.

Pearl Dangle Earrings
These earrings have a dressy, elegant look that coordinate well with any other pearl jewelry you may already own.

Big Pearl Bracelet
Big potato pearls are combined with stretchy cord to make this pretty and comfortable bracelet.

Pretty in Pink Necklace
We all have that favorite piece of jewelry we’ve made that we wear again and again. Mine happens to be a pink pearl tin cup necklace I like to call "Pretty in Pink."

Patriotic Necklace
Use red and blue cathedral beads along with pretty pearls to create this red, white, and blue necklace.

Are Chandeliers Collecting Dust?
Find out the latest news about this great jewelry design. Is it going away or here to stay?

Long, Long Lariat
The longer the lariat the more options there are for wearing it. With this super long lariat design, you can wear it in a number of ways.

Triple "P" Chandelier Earrings
Petite, purple, and pearls - Nothing beats a sparkling pair of chandelier earrings, but sometimes, they can be a little over-the-top for everyday wear. My solution?

The Long and the Short of It
Use a little wire to create an easy necklace adjuster so you can shorten a long necklace.

Flower Connection Earrings
For these Flower Connection Earrings, I used purple wire and accented it purple crystal and pearl beads.

Grandmother Bracelet
You've heard of mothers' rings and mothers' bracelets, now here's a grandmother bracelet.

Vegetable Bunny Necklace
You gotta see it to believe it! This is one wild and crazy bunny necklace accented with egg and vegetable lampwork beads.

Chocolate Pearls with Shibuichi Side Clasp Necklace
The Shibuichi shell-shaped clasp becomes part of the design along with chocolate-colored pearls, Egyptian alabaster crystals, and sterling spacer beads, and seed beads in this unique neutral-colored necklace design that will go with just about all the clothes in your closet.

Pearl Peace Necklace
A brass charm turns into a pendant with the help of a few rivets and some pretty burgundy colored pearls.

Teal Glass Pearl and Chain Necklace
Thick brass chain and chunky pearl glass beads in teal make this dramatic piece, perfect to wear to a party or any time you are in the party mood.

Pewter Pearls Ceramic Heart Necklace
A ceramic heart pendant is the focal point of this pearl, carnelian, and crystal necklace.

Pewter Pearls Ceramic Heart Necklace
A ceramic heart pendant is the focal point of this pearl, carnelian, and crystal necklace.

Wedding Jewelry Projects and Information
Make wedding jewelry and learn about some of the important details when it comes to jewelry designed for weddings.

Mother of Pearl Jewelry
Here is a list of projects that use mother of pearl as well as information about this popular jewelry making material.

What are glass pearls compared to natural pearls?
What are glass pearls compared to natural pearls?

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