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Cut-Out Paper Clay Heart Bead


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Introduction & Materials
Cut-Out Paper Clay Heart Bead
This heart bead is made using a similar technique to my Paper Clay Star, but instead of using a cookie cutter, I used a template. The painting technique is also similar to my Molded Paper Clay Heart Bead. I wanted to make up some heart beads, and I wasn’t sure which technique to use. So, I decided to try out both methods.

While I used a paper template to cut out this heart from the paper clay, I’ve also seen mini-cookie cutter like shapes available where polymer clay supplies are located in some craft stores.

You’ll need:
Pink and red acrylic paint
Paper clay
Corsage pin
Piece of foam
Small paint brush
Sculpey glaze
Bowl of water
Fine sandpaper
Paper towels
Rolling pin
Waxed paper
Exacto knife
Paper heart template
Cotton-swab cut in half

Note on the template: I literally printed up a picture of a bead, specifically the one pictured in my project From Venice with Love Bracelet. Then I cut it out using a pair of scissors and voila!

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