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Alternative Jewelry Income Strategies

While the majority of jewelry makers who eventually start a jewelry business turn to selling their finish jewelry, there are a number of alternatives to earning an income with your jewelry making skills. Find out about other options and success stories from jewelry makers who have thought outside the box and found other ways to make money with their jewelry passions.

Interview with Bead & Button Magazine
I had the opportunity to interview the editor of Bead & Button magazine, Ann Dee Allen.

Beader Finds Seed Beading Niche
This bead weaver, owner of Ready to Bead, came up with a unique business concept for her love of seed bead jewelry.

Jewelry Home Shows: The Next Wave
Discover the pros and cons of selling jewelry at a home show or party. How do you get started? Is it worth your time? Are home shows replacing arts and craft shows of the future?

Become a Jewelry Author
Ever thought about writing a book about jewelry making or beading? Here are some tips about how to become a jewelry author.

Bead Addict Becomes Author
The story of a bead addict who turned her passion into a book for other bead addicts and perspective beaders.

Wire Worker Becomes Virtual Teacher
This inventive wire jewelry maker listened to her students and found a niche in the jewelry making business.

Wire Artist Find Niche
Razine “Ray” Wenneker, from Ellie Rose Link-Able Designs, is one wire artist that has finally found her niche and is making her love of metal jewelry making into a successful business by helping others learn the craft of working with wire.

Selling Jewelry with Home Shows
Learn how to create a home show and sell your jewelry.

Crafty Princess Diaries
Learn various crafting techniques from wire to beads to fiber and more.

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