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Necklace Projects for Beginners

Even a beginning jewelry maker can tackle a project as large as a necklace. Here are a few simple projects to get you started making jewelry using beads, wire, and much more.

Czech Flower Necklace
If you like chokers and Czech beads, then you’ll enjoy making this simple flower design necklace. These work up very quickly, and depending on the color of beads and cord, you can create an infinite combination of colors.

Pretty in Pink Necklace
We all have that favorite piece of jewelry we’ve made that we wear again and again. Mine happens to be a pink pearl tin cup necklace I like to call "Pretty in Pink."

Floating Flower Necklace
Created to enhance a favorite, lampwork beads, this small grouping of beads in this necklace float because they are not anchored into position. They will slide and move as the person who wears the necklace moves.

Patriotic Necklace
Use red and blue cathedral beads along with pretty pearls to create this red, white, and blue necklace.

Tin Cup Necklace
The Tin Cup Necklace is a classic and very easy to make, especially for those jewelry makers learning to knot between beads.

Pearl Illusion Necklace
Make an illusion-style necklace with pearl beads, beading wire, and crimp beads. Then finish it off with a hand-crafted clasp.

Copper Dude Shell Necklace
Copper colored beads, a shell, and copper colored beading wire make cool surfer-dude style necklace. Make one for your dude or steal it for yourself.

Rainbow Glass Necklace
This Rainbow Glass Necklace uses wire, bead, chain, and of course, glass to make a colorful necklace that is perfect for a hot, summer day.

Making Wire Beaded Chokers
Here's a cool trend in memory wire and beads to try out.

Glass Bead Pendant
Do you have a favorite glass bead? Learn how to make it into a pendant so you can wear it on a chain or put it on a beaded necklace.

Simply Turquoise Necklace
The look is simply and so is the technique. You can make this necklace and have it around your neck in just a few minutes.

Lovely Lapis Dangle Necklace
Royal blue with streaks of pyrite, who can resist beautiful lapis lazuli? I’ve been hoarding a few strands of these luscious stone beads. Though I have already made one necklace for a special customer using these beads, I made sure I set aside some for myself. I finally decided to make my own lapis necklace using this dangle design.

Aqua and Crystal Oui Necklace
Aqua and Crystal Oui Necklace

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