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What Type of Soldering Torch?

The Eternal Question


Soldering Set Up

Soldering Set Up

Tammy Powley
Eventually, just about every jewelry maker thinks about trying his or her hand at metal work, and with that comes the eternal question about which torch to use. I remember the first time I sparked up my soldering torch. I was taking a class with my husband and a girlfriend of mine, and when I ignited the top of my cumbersome propane torch tip, she and I looked each other with the eyes the size of silver dollars. Wow! Were we ready for this?

So, yes, for many of us using a flame can be scary, especially when first starting out, but that doesn’t mean you should not solder or, worst still, try to use equipment that isn’t made for soldering jewelry. With proper safety and practice, you will become comfortable with the flame.

Read on to find out why you need to use a flame torch versus a soldering iron, the importance of using correct fuel for your torch, and resources that will help you learn to make metal jewelry.

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