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Metal Jewelry Fabrication Tools


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Tool Box and Bench Pin
Tool Box or Tackle Box: Your tool box will grow in size along with your projects, so I recommend go big now. When I first started, a friend of mine bought me a little tackle box which was a very nice gesture. Of course, neither of us realized then how much stuff I’d be hauling around. A tall tackle box seems to work best for jewelry making, especially when you take classes. It’s nice to have the ones that have lots of compartments and the stacking shelves because if you’re using a jewelry bench, they aren’t always that large so you don’t what to take up a bunch of room on your table or bench. A tackle box is fairly inexpensive and most discount stores have a large selection of them.

Bench Pin: This is used for filing and sawing. It is attached onto the edge of the jewelry bench or table you use. This allows you to file or saw a piece of metal and have room to move your tool around and still hold onto the metal.

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