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How to Make Memory Wire Jewelry


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Introduction and Supplies
Memory Wire

Memory Wire

Tammy Powley
Memory wire is made from stainless steel and is used as a beading medium much like you would use nylon, hemp, or other various bead stringing media. It's called "memory" because it is already formed in the shape of rings, like a spring, and it stays in this form for the most part, unless you really overwork it. Even then, it will still be like a spring, just larger because overworking it can make it stretch its shape a little. But generally speaking, this material is very easy to work with, and it's great because it's pretty much one-size-fits-all. It comes in bracelet, ring, and necklace size.

To make jewelry using memory wire, you will need the following supplies:

Your choice of memory wire (bracelet, ring, necklace)
Your choice of beads
Memory shears or heavy duty wire cutters
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers

Note on the wire cutters or shears. If you do not use memory shears, which were designed specifically to work with memory wire, then do not use your good wire cutters to cut memory wire. Get some nasty heavy-duty cheapo cutters for this because the steal wire can (and probably will) damage your cutters.

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