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Memory Wire Projects

There's no easier way to make bracelets, rings, or necklaces than with memory wire. Learn some tips and techniques for success.

Memory Wire Beaded Chokers
Necklace size memory wire is perfect to use for making these sparkling beaded chokers.

Magical Wire Book
Beadalon has a book out called Memory Wire Magic book, designed for the memory wire enthusiast. Use memory wire, beads, and other components to make jewelry or decorative items for your home.

Memory Wire Suppliers
Memory wire is wonderful to use to make jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. All you need are some beads and a few tools and you're ready to make some fabulous jewelry.

Single Loop Memory Wire Ring
Use one loop from memory wire and a small amount of beads to make this very easy ring.

Memory Wrap Cuff Bracelet
Memory Wrap Cuff Bracelet

How to Make Memory Wire Jewelry
Beginning jewelry makers especially enjoy working with memory wire, but you don't have to be new to jewelry designing to enjoy this unique material.

Gemstone Nugget Memory Wire Bracelet
Memory wire looks great with some chunky stone beads on it in this design that includes turquoise, malachite, and yellow jade.

Memory Wire Shears
When cutting memory wire, it's critical that you don't use your good wire cutters or you will damage them. This special tool from Beadalon is specifically designed for you to safely and precisely cut this wonderful jewelry making wire.

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