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Making Cast Metal Jewelry

Find the supplies you need along with instructions for using methods such as lost wax casting to cast your jewelry. Make charms, rings, and all kind of other jewelry in silver, gold, or even platinum with this wonderful technique.

Water Casting Tutorial
Water casting is a fun processes that allows you to make unusual jewelry components using metal scraps.

Silver Cast or Plastic Spider Pendant
Lost wax casting is amazing, and so is this spider pendant cast from silver.

Sterling Silver Cast Skeletons
Make some adorable skeleton charms or pendants by using inexpensive plastic toys from the dollar store and the lost wax casting method.

About Metal Casting Services
So, you have an idea for a charm or pendant but need someone to make it for you? What do you do? Consider using the services of a metal casting company.

Making Charms Using Lost Wax Casting
Through a technique called lost wax casting, you can create your own metal charms and pendants.

Water Casting Project
Learn how to do this basic form of casting using only a few pieces of equipment and scraps of silver.

Sierra Pacific Casting, Inc.
This casting company makes molds, casts pieces, and provides finishing work.

InForm-Keith Farley
This talented jewelry maker creates in gold and platinum. Besides exhibiting his work, he also provides some interesting information about jewelry making and gems.

Art Tech Casting Company
You can get your metal designs cast for you through this casting company.

Alphine Casting
Located in Colorado Springs, this company offers all kinds of precious metal jewelry casting and finishing services.

G & S Metals
G & S Metals sells casting grain, findings, and is a metals refiner as well.

Loaren Castings
They have pre-cast items for sale and also provide custom casting services.

Contemporary Beads and Castings
This company is located in Rhode Island and specializes in custom cast of metal such as charms and pendants.

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