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Step by Step Beads magazine
Step by Step Beads magazine
One of the first split-off beading magazines to come out a few years ago, Step by Step Beads magazine started out as a sub-section of Lapidary Journal. The step-by-step section included all kinds of jewelry projects, and probably the most popular of these were the beading projects. Luckily, someone had the brilliant idea of using the basic step-by-step format and creating a magazine focusing on beaded jewelry making. Eventually, this branched out into a Step by Step Wire magazine as well.

If you aren’t familiar with this magazine or its original existence as part of Lapidary Journal, the name “step by step” is a good description of what you’d expect to find. Each project (and there are always lots of projects) is broken down into specific steps, which include a good number of illustrations and photographs to help show as well as tell the process. Of course, it also includes lost of other information such as bead shows and related bead information, but the real focus is on lots of projects with clear, easy to follow instructions.

You can find Step by Step Beads magazine at most bead shops and bookstores, or go to their web site for more information. This is a bimonthly magazine that retails for $5.99 U.S./ $7.99 CAN, and subscription rates average around $20.

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