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Twisted Macrame and Bead Earrings


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Introduction and Supplies
Twisted Macrame and Bead Earrings

Twisted Macrame and Bead Earrings

Tammy Powley
The half knot is one of the first knots most people learn when doing macrame. Not only is it one of the easiest knots to learn, it also has a nice look to it because it actually twists as you form the knots. You can learn this knot quickly and also create a nice pair of earrings when you make these Twisted Macrame Earrings.

Note on Cord Length:

I’ve read through a number of macrame books and sites and there seems to be difference of opinion when it comes to deciding how much cord you need for a project. I’ve read that you need 5 time, 8 times, and 10 times as much cord as the finished piece will be. I think thickness of the cord has a lot to do with these variations of opinion.

To make these earrings, you will need the following items:

2 Strands of cord approximately 16 inches long
2 Ear hooks
2 Beads with large holes (1 - 2mm holes)
Round-nosed pliers
*Clear nail polish
Clip board or bulletin board and pins

*If you are using hemp like I did for these earrings, I recommend coating the ends of the hemp with clear nail polish. This will keep them from fraying as you work and help you get the hemp through your bead. This isn't a critical step, but you might find it helpful.

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