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Hemp Grows Up


Hemp Grows Up
With the addition of colored hemp and a few more advanced knotting instructions, It’s Knot Hard by Katie Hacker and Marty Hite picks up where Hemp Jewelry ended. This later book includes knotting methods, project instructions, and macrame basics. Both books stand by themselves, so it’s not necessary to get one before the other. However, both offer a nice variety of projects.

The use of colored hemp adds a great deal to It’s Knot Hard. The colors really pop out at you and show off the selected macrame designs well. Twelve knot varieties are explained and illustrated with color photographs. The Josephine knot, Chinese crown knot, and lark’s head knots are some of the more advanced knots included in this book. Twenty six jewelry projects are provided along with color pictures of the finished piece and simple instructions. Projects include bracelets, chokers, earrings and anklets. Some of the most notable projects include a Y-necklace design, a Chinese crown knot necklace, and a few items that use the Josephine knot.

Along with basic macrame instructions such as terminology used, how to get started, and cord information, there is also a recommendation of the types of beads to use and a small chart showing bead sizes from 6mm to 24mm.

It’s difficult for me not to compare the two books. Though there is some duplicate information, if you want to try macrame or expand your macrame techniques, then you would find It’s Knot Hard a good addition to your library.

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