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Macrame is no longer just for the hippy crowd. Learn to use fiber and macrame knotting to make jewelry. Try out a project or read up on the latest news about macrame jewelry making.

Sterling Sand Dollar and Puka Shell Necklace
Update the 1970s Puka shell necklace using bleached hemp and sterling silver.

Sterling Sand Dollar and Puka Shell Earrings
Puka shells get a makeover in these dangle earrings strung on hemp and accented with sterling silver sand dollar charms.

Hot Love Lampwork and Hemp Earrings
Take a little hemp, add a few macrame knots, and turn these fun lampwork heart heads into earrings in just a few minutes.

Knot in Love Lampwork and Fiber Bracelet
Get knotty with this simple to make bracelet that uses a series of overhand knots along with waxed linen cord and lampwork heart beads.

Wood Chain and Purple Hemp Necklace
Turn an chunky chain made from ebony wood into a stylish necklace with a little hemp and a few knots.

Macrame Donut Necklace
The center piece component of this necklace is referred to as a donut since it is shaped like the type of donut you eat. This project also incorporates bone beads and waxed linen cord.

How to Tie a Josephine Knot
This knot is a little more advanced than basic knots such as the square knot. It has a variety of applications such as finishing off the ends of a macrame necklace you can then pull over your head.

How to Make a Lark's Head Knot
The Lark's Head Knot is a staple of any macrame method. It is designed primarily to help secure a working cord to a stationary cord before a project begins.

How to Make a Mounting Knot
As the name implies, the mounting knot is used in macrame to mount your cords onto a work area before you start knotting away.

How to Make a Double Half-Hitch Knot
This knot is often used as a way to secure a cord or begin an macrame project.

How to Make a Half-Hitch Knot
This knot is not often used alone, but it is an important knot just the same and very simple to do.

How to Make a Half-Knot for Fiber Jewelry Making
Like the name sounds, half-knot is half of a knot, a square knot to be exact, and it is a technique used often in macrame and other related fiber jewelry making.

Primitive Resin Bead and Woven Linen Necklace
You don't have to be a macrame expert to make this resin bead and waxed linen necklace design, and you end up with a light-weight, colorful jewelry piece when you are finished.

How to Make an Overhand Knot for Fiber Jewelry
Very often when using fiber in your jewelry making, you will need a way to connect fibers together, be it ribbon, hemp, or nylon. The overhand knot is the perfect technique for this.

How to Make a Square Knot for Macrame Jewelry
Use these step by step instructions to complete a square knot, which is a staple of many macrame jewelry designs.

Retro Macrame Choker
Macrame chokers were popular in the 60s and 70s and are now popular again. This "Retro Macrame Choker" survived from the 70s, so I thought it would a fun project to revive.

Macrame Jewelry Basics
Learn the basics of making macrame jewelry. This course covers the supplies you need as well as tips and techniques for the beginner macrame jewelry maker. You will get 6 lessons in 6 weeks in this weekly e-course.

Micro-Macramé & Cavandoli Knotting Level One
Joan Babcock provides a virtual macrame class for beginners in the DVD.

Micro-Macramé Jewelry Book Review
Fiber artist Joan Babcock takes macrame jewelry to a new level, leaving the hippy days behind.

Macrame Knot Library
I’ve created this handy Knot Library to help you find and learn the knots you need for your macrame and fiber jewelry making.

Macrame Tips
Make your macrame experience the best possible by following some of these handy tips and suggestions.

Hemp Macramé Book Review
This little book can get you started if you're new to macrame or give you inspirational design ideas if you're not new.

Hemp Grows Up
With some colored hemp and cool designs, hemp gets a make over in this macrame jewelry book.

Lampwork and Linen Earrings
Pretty lampwork flower beads and waxed linen cord are the materials for these easy to make earrings.

Get Started: Macrame Jewelry
A hot fad from the 60s has become popular again today. Learn how you can get started making macrame jewelry.

Retro Choker
Macrame chokers were popular in the 60s and 70s and are now popular again. This "Retro Macrame Choker" survived from the 70s, so I thought it would a fun project to revive.

Knot Library
As new macrame knots are used on various projects posted on this site, they will also be included here in our library. Knot instructions include illustrations.

Macrame Donut Necklace
This necklace is nice and long with a donut pendant in the center. Made with simple square knots and bone beads, it is finished off with a Josephine Knot.

Crackle Ceramic and Bead Necklace
A ceramic pendant in light blue with a crackle finish is the focal point of this necklace that also includes waxed linen cord and turquoise-colored seed beads.

Macrame Hemp and Toggle Clasp Bracelet
This hemp knotted macrame and bead bracelet is finished off with a toggle clasp.

Twisted Macrame and Bead Earrings
Using one of the easiest knots in macrame and a few beads, you can whip up these earrings very quickly.

Knotty Macramé Shell Earrings
Shells, linen cord, some lampwork beads, and a few knots are all you need to make these pretty pair of earrings.

Using It in Jewelry
Learn about what hemp stringing material is all about in this brief glossary entry.

Hemp and Lampwork Knotted Bead Long Necklace
This super long necklace is about 36 inches and is made up of pretty blue and what beads and white hemp.

Shell, Bamboo, and Hemp Necklace
Use a shell you find on the beach and turn it into a pendant using hemp and bamboo beads.

Shell Treasure Necklace
Mix up a batch of treasured jewelry components such as shells, crystals, and stone beads, and string and knot them together with help for this treasure trove style necklace.

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