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Jewelry Making Kits

A wonderful way to get started making jewelry, kits can be the perfect introduction to the craft. Even if you already know how to make jewelry, kits are super convenient and time saving. Here are a list of suppliers who sell a variety of jewelry making kits from beads to wire and more.

Wig Jig Earring Starter Kit
For those who want to get started making jewelry, it can sometimes be a challenge just trying to figure out how to get started. This kit from WigJig.com includes tools, supplies, and instructions for the novice jewelry maker.

Buy the Kit
Created by a variety of designers, this company specializes in beadwork (aka bead weaving and seed bead) kits.

Kate McKinnon
Kate McKinnon is a very talented jewelry maker, author, and teacher who also sells kits for some of her designs.

Brenda Schweder
Brenda Schweder writes for a number of magazines and also sells kits for some of her designs.

Leela Beads
Lisa Niven Kelly has more than just beads on her site, though she does make beautiful jewelry incorporting her own lampwork creations too. She also sells tools, wire, and kits for jewelry makers.

The Bead Shop.com
It's easier than ever now to order from this bead shop on line. They have jewelry kits, tools, beads, and findings.

Luxurious Luxe Shell Necklace Kit
Luxe Jewels sells kits and jewelry supplies, and you don't even have to be a consultant to buy them. Here's a review on the company's "Washed Ashore Necklace," made with shell beads and gold-filled wire and chain.

Patience Pays Off: Seed Bead Kit Review
Ready to Bead offers kits for the seed beader. Here's a review of one of the company's seed bead bracelet kits.

Read to Bead
Selling mainly beadwork kits, this company also provides kit refills, e-books, CDs, and other products for learning how to make jewelry.

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