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Half Persian 4-in-1 Kit from Urban Maille.com


Half Persian 4-in-1 Kit from Urban Maille.com

Half Persian 4-in-1 Kit from Urban Maille.com

You may know Urban Maille.com more from the fact that this company sells jump rings, lots and lots of jump rings in all kinds of gauges and diameters. However, they also have lots of great information and products to help you learn how to weave with jump rings allowing you can create all kinds of chain maille patterns from the links.

I have purchased their jump rings before and have always been impressed with their quality, so I was interested in checking out one of their full-blown kits. They sent me the Half Persian 4-in-1 kit ($112 US), which is considered an advanced level weaving kit (though they have many kits at the beginner and intermediate level as well).

The kit came in a wonderful metal box, which I can think of all kinds of ways to reuse, along with two tins of rings in sterling and copper. This way, the two different colored rings make it much easier to see the weave you are learning. It also looks great when it's finished. The jump rings are 14-gauge, which for me because I have hand-issues due to all the typing and jewelry work I do was a problem. I started assembling the piece, but my hands did not want to cooperate! So, this is not a problem with the kit, but with me. As a result, I asked my husband (big, strong guy that he is and someone who actually has done his share of chain making before) to finish up the assembling for me. So, this review is a mix of my thought and his.

Michael was extremely impressed, and this is a big deal since he is an engineer by trade so he's one of those perfectionist types. He felt the instructions were very well written and easy to following, and once he got the pattern figured out, he said he was able to put it together pretty quickly.

Granted, Urban Maille's kits are not cheap, but that's an important point: they are not cheap as in super high quality rings; well-written full-color instructions which include text and photographs; and wonderful packaging, which is reusable. Between the cost of metals these days and the fact that you receive a lesson in how to make a really unique, and often considered difficult, chain pattern, I think the cost it justified.

You can find this kid under the Advanced Weave section of their kits, but as I said, Urban Maille.com lots of other kits at different levels as well as wonderful jump rings.

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