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Software for Serious Jewelry Designers


Software for Serious Jewelry Designers
When you get serious about designing jewelry, you need some serious tools to help you out, and these days, that includes computer software. Barbara Carleton, from the Bejeweled Software Company, seems to have found the magic formula to mix algorithms and beads for a perfect combination. The result is Jewelry Designer Manager, a software package that helps jewelry designers organize their designs, inventory, vendors, and customers.

Over the years, I’ve seen this product go from a helpful but not necessarily compete product for jewelry makers to a software package loaded with features. In fact, there are now three different variations available, allowing you to select the version that best meets your needs: standard costing $89.95; Pro costing $129.95; and Deluxe costing $259.95. Some of the features included with the Deluxe version of Jewelry Designer Manager now includes:

  • Consignment tracking
  • Label printing (for individual jewelry and shipping packages)
  • Invoice and memo creating
  • QuickBooks linking
  • Logo and picture printing
  • When looking at the Deluxe version, one feature I really like is the inventory tracking ability. Inventory can be a very tedious chore for jewelry makers, so we need all the help we can get. Another feature I was impressed with was the ability to create catalog or data sheets, including photos and price lists. Of course, there is also the handy jewelry pricing feature, which includes a helpful sample formula which probably would work for most jewelry makers. But, there is an option to change this, such as hourly rate, so you can customize the formula depending on your own set of variables. Once you have it established, you just plug in your supplies for a piece, and voila, you have a price.

    Along with technical support for the technophobes out there, it comes with a 38 page user’s manual in both Word and Adobe formats. New software releases and product updates are also made available to registered users. Find out more about Jewelry Designer Manager at their website: www.jewelrydesignermanager.com.

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