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Jewelry Design Tools

Software and related tools are helpful sometimes when designing jewelry.

Tips for Collecting Jewelry Books
One of the best things next to making jewelry is reading about other people making jewelry. Here are some tips for building your own jewelry library.

Software for Serious Jewelry Designers
Jewelry designers need all the help they can get when it comes to getting organized.

Swarovski Design Tool
As part of Swarvoski's "Create Your Own Style" web site, they offer a tool to help you design your own jewelry. It is a grid where you can position beads and then it calculates the number you need for the finished piece. And, its free!

Fire Mountain Gems Virtual Bead Board
Fire Mountain Gems has a virtual bead board you can play with on line. It's free, though it requires that you register in order to access it.

Stitchboard.com offers a free pattern service. You can upload an image and turn it into a variety of beaded patterns (such as peyote) or other needlework patterns.

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