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Jewelry Making Projects


Make all kinds of jewelry - earrings, bracelets, necklaces - with these free jewelry making project instructions. Learn to use materials such as metal, wire, beads, clay, fiber and more to create unique hand-craft jewelry designs.
  1. Making Earrings
  2. Making Bracelets
  3. Making Necklaces
  4. Making Rings
  5. Making Beads
  6. Making Jewelry Pendants
  1. Making Jewelry Findings
  2. Making Holiday Jewelry/Ornaments
  3. Making Chains and Chain Maille Jewelry
  4. Seasonal and Special Occasion Jewelry Projects
  5. Jewelry Tutorial Collections

Making Earrings

Crystal and Sterling Starfish Earrings

Earrings are some of the quickest jewelry projects to make, and you'll find lots of great projects using a variety of materials right here.

Making Bracelets

Crystal Butterfly Bracelet

Make yourself some amazing bracelets using a variety of materials and techniques.

Making Necklaces

Keshi Pearls, Shell, and Crystals

String them; bead them; fabricate them; weave them. There are lots of methods for making beautiful necklaces. Here are some projects to get you started.

Making Rings

Wire Wrapped Ring

Rings on your fingers and rings on your toes, learn how to make them with these easy projects.

Making Beads

Making a Hole in Resin Bead

You can use all kinds of different materials to become a bead maker.

Making Jewelry Pendants

Rose Quartz

Create your own focus pieces for necklaces using wire, beads, stones, and various mixed-media supplies.

Making Jewelry Findings

Learn to make your own findings such as clasps and ear hooks to add to your jewelry creations.

Making Holiday Jewelry/Ornaments

Knot in Love Lampwork and Fiber Bracelet

Use your jewelry making skills to make holiday jewelry or ornaments for a huge array of holiday goodies.

Making Chains and Chain Maille Jewelry

Wire Snake Jewelry Component

Make your own chains or use prefabricated chains in your jewelry designs. These projects will show you how.

Seasonal and Special Occasion Jewelry Projects

Summer, spring, winter, and fall all have different qualities when it comes to fashion, and this includes jewelry designs. There are also times when we need that special piece of jewelry for a special event.

Jewelry Tutorial Collections

Filigree Top Crystal Earrings

Explore jewelry design ideas with this helpful collection of jewelry tutorials.


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