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Have you always wanted to sell the jewelry you make? Or are you looking for other ways to earn an income with your jewelry? Now is your chance. We have everything you need to know to start your own jewelry business.
  1. Starting a Jewelry Business
  2. Selling Jewelry Online
  3. Alternative Jewelry Careers
  4. Teach Jewelry Making Classes
  1. Jewelry Career Success Stories
  2. Jewelry Business Resources
  3. Jewelry Designing How-Tos

Starting a Jewelry Business

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So, maybe you have been making jewelry for awhile and have even been asked by friends and family to sell some jewelry pieces to them. Now, you are thinking of starting a real jewelry business. But, how do you get started? Right here!

Selling Jewelry Online

Lampwork Heart Beads by DD Hess

The Internet is a great resource for contacting customers around the world. You can sell your jewelry through web sites, auctions, and on-line malls.

Alternative Jewelry Careers

Faux Beach Glass Necklace

Most jewelry makers who start a business end up selling their finished jewelry; however, there are lots of alternatives to figuring out a way to earn some income with your jewelry making skills. Here are some ideas, along with some inspirational stories from jewelry designers who have thought outside the jewelry making box.

Teach Jewelry Making Classes

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Nothing beats passing on the knowledge you have gained as a jewelry maker, and one way to do that and make a little money as well is through teaching jewelry making classes. Here are some articles with ideas and suggestions for those interested in starting a career as a jewelry making instructor.

Jewelry Career Success Stories

Tina Tang Jewelry

Read the inspirational stories of other jewelry designers who have found a way to make a go of their jewelry desing careers.

Jewelry Business Resources

You'll find these business resources helpful for your jewelry business needs.

Jewelry Designing How-Tos

Mansfield Park Earrings

Expand your jewelry making capabilities and possibly your jewelry career by improving and adding to your current designer skills.

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