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What is Bohemian Style Jewelry?


Ceramic Dragonfly and Fiber Bracelet

Ceramic Dragonfly and Fiber Bracelet

Tammy Powley
Definition: The word "bohemian" is most often used when describing someone who does not conform to tradition. This is the case in the way he/she might act as well as dress, and that is when jewelry and fashion come into play.

Jewelry designs that are usually described as bohemian tend to be a mix of different materials and have a care free style to them. For example, my Ceramic Dragonfly and Fiber Bracelet project could be considered bohemian because it mixes gemstones, glass, cotton, ceramic, and metal elements together. It is also bright and fun, not something you might see on a person who would normally wear a white pearl necklace for example.

For more information about bohemian jewelry, see my book review of Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry: 50 Designs Using Leather, Ribbon, and Cords.

Pronunciation: bow-he-me-an

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