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Jewelry Design How-To's

Learn tips, tricks, and methods for designing jewelry along with basics on how to get started as a jewelry designer.

Recycling Your Jewelry
Recycling your jewelry is a good way to refresh your finished and unfinished inventory. Since I've been making jewelry for a number of years, I've found a few ways to do this.

Sharing Jewelry Design Ideas
Become inspired by the creativity of other jewelry designers and then share some of your own jewelry creations.?

Favorite Necklace Design
Have you created a necklace that you love and get tons of compliments on? Show and tell us all about it. See submissions

Favorite Bracelet Design
Have you made a bracelet that you just adore? Is it your "go to" when you are running late but want to look great? Or do you have a special bracelet design that has become a strong selling piece in your jewelry inventory? Show it off and tell us all about it. See submissions See submissions

Favorite Earring Design
Show and tell your favorite earrings designs. See submissions

Bartering for Beads and Jewelry Lessons
Have you ever considered bartering? The average person has other skills besides making jewelry which can be traded for anything from jewelry supplies to free jewelry making lessons. Here are some tips for jewelry making and bartering.

Tips for Frugal Jewelry Making
Renew, reuse, recycle, and save money is a popular mantra for all aspects of our lives, and these ideas relate to jewelry making as well. Here are some tips to help you become creatively frugal when it comes to jewelry designing.

Tips for Visiting a Rock and Gem Show
Rock and Gem shows are excellent sources for locating unique materials to incorporate into your jewelry designs. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your day at a rock show.

The Issue of Right Versus Wrong Jewelry Making Techniques
Is there one way only to make jewelry? Are there specific techniques that we must follow no matter what? I explore this sometimes controversial topic.

How to Design a Jewelry Gift
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and birthdays are just a few times during the year that we are called upon to find that perfect gift. As jewelry makers, we usually make that gift. But how do you start?

The Beader's Color Mixing Directory
The Beader's Color Mixing Directory by Sandra Wallace is a portable class in color theory for jewelry makers and bead weavers in particular.

Simply Modern Jewelry
Simply Modern Jewelry by Danielle Fox inspires beginning jewelry makers to try various jewelry design ideas to make modern and wearable jewelry.

Links: Inspired Bead and Wire Jewelry Creations
Links: Inspired Bead and Wire Jewelry Creations by Jean Yates covers links, as in jump rings and chain maille jewelry, as well as creative links and links to our memories.

I Want to Be a "Fine" Jewelry Designer
What is fine jewelry? What does it take to become a designer of fine jewelry? These are just a few questions I cover in this informative article.

Signing Your Jewelry
You can sign your finished piece of jewelry art, and here are a few ideas to help you do that.

I Want to Be a Jewelry Designer
Discover the very first step you need to take to become a jewelry designer.

"Tricks of the Trade" Revealed
Janice Parsons reveals her methods for designing unique, hand-crafted jewelry in this class on DVD by Beadshop.com

Connie Fox’s Design Lessons on CD
Wire diva, Connie Fox, offers design advice for wire jewelry makers on her CD "Design Fundamentals for Wire Jewelry." But, other jewelry makers who don't necessarily work wire might find her CD interesting as well.

Tips for Finding Jewelry Design Inspiration
Every designer will have a dry spell now and then. Here are some tips to wake up your muse.

Jewelry Making Creativity Design Exercise
If you are looking to jump start your jewelry making design muse, then this exercise might be just the thing to try.

What is Bohemian Style Jewelry?
The term "Bohemian" is often used to describe various types of fashion. Learn a little about how this term applies to jewelry fashion.

Crafty Princess Diaries
Learn various crafting techniques from wire to beads to fiber and more.

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