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Copper Soldering & Flame Painting DVD

A Review


Copper Soldering & Flame Painting DVD
Does that say “painting” in the title of this DVD review? Must be a typo, right? Wrong! Believe it or not, that is exactly what coppersmiths Skip and Racheal Matthews teach in their DVD “Basic Copper Smithing and Flame Painting on Copper” ($25 + shipping). If you’ve been looking for something really unique to add to your jewelry making repertoire or you’re totally new to jewelry making and have thought of working with metal, then this is a DVD worth considering.

Normally, most first time metal workers are going to start with copper because it’s economical to work with compared to most other metals. But, the Matthews have taken a different approach to working with copper, a truly artistic approach. In their DVD, they cover the basics of what you need to get started working with copper, and while they don’t concentrate primarily on jewelry making, the techniques they teach can be used to make all kinds of metal related items, including jewelry. In fact, if you browse their website, you’ll see that they have their own line of signature pins which incorporate the smithing and flaming techniques covered in the video.

For those not familiar with flame painting, it’s a technique used to color copper metal. Copper changes colors as it heats, which most people know already. But, Skip Matthews was able to take this naturally occurring trait and learn to control it to a certain extent and actually create colored patterns in his metal work. While he warns early on in the DVD that you must first become a coppersmith before you become a flame painter, he explains and demonstrates both areas of this art form.

For more information about this video go to Handcraft Media.

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