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Jewelry Authors Offer Basket Weave Bracelet


Jewelry Authors Offer Basket Weave Bracelet
Christine Ritchey and Linda Chandler, authors of Woven Wire Jewelry and Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry and More are taking a new approach to jewelry making publications: they are offering downloadable projects on-line via Linda’s web site Jewelry by Linda.

They sent me a copy of a project they have been bombarded with requests for, their Textile Weave Bracelet. After displaying this as part of a gallery piece on one of their books, readers begged them to offer this project as well. And, so they delivered.

Now, a warning, and the authors mention this on their site as well, this is not an immediate gratification type bracelet project. Also, this is not for beginners. Christine and Linda suggest that wire workers who attempt this project are at least at an intermediate level, and after looking through the extremely detailed instructions, I tend to agree.

However, for those who have bent a good deal of wire, the instructions are very well laid out and loaded with photographs. The downloadable project sells for $19.95 and includes a 39 page tutorial in .pdf format with more than a 120 color photographs. It literally looks like they cover every single little step in this project, and by page 34, you have completed the entire bracelet. So that is obviously a lot of detail provided.

One other thing to remember about this project – it is wire wrapping where one wire piece, often half-round piece of wire, is wrapped around another, squared –shaped wire. As is stated in the materials list, this is made with half-hard wire, so it may be a little different to some jewelry makers who work with wire but don’t necessary do what is normally considered wire wrapping.

At the end of the tutorial, the authors give you some alternative designs to consider, including using the same technique to make a pair of earrings. So once you finish the bracelet, you can see how this project could lead to other design possibilities.

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