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Finding Your Jewelry Selling Direction

David A. Weiman’s Virtual Marketing Seminar


Finding Your Jewelry Selling Direction

Introduction to Marketing and Selling Jewelry

David A. Weiman
When first starting a jewelry business, after worrying about all the legal requirements of a small business, most jewelry makers discover that there is much more to be concerned about when it comes to marketing their hand-crafted jewelry. This is a universal problem, no matter if you make bead, wire, metal, glass, or clay jewelry. It all comes down to, okay now, how am I going to sell my jewelry art? Should I participate in art shows? Should I sell to shops? How do I begin, and what direction should I take?

David A. Weiman, Marketing Director for Lapidary Journal and Step by Step Beads magazine, offers his point of view and personal insights for jewelry makers who want to sell their jewelry and start a jewelry business in his virtual marketing seminar, “Introduction to Marketing and Selling Jewelry.” Weiman, who also travels the country conducting live jewelry marketing seminars, combines his market career expertise, jewelry knowledge, and psychology degree to create a unique perspective. His audio CD discusses setting goals, business planning, market research, marketing techniques, personality factors, and pricing. (And, by the way, I found it really convenient to listen to the CD in my car while driving, much more convenient than traveling to a seminar in person.) The accompanying 18 page workbook literally allows you to work through some of the mental obstacles that running a jewelry making business can produce. We’ve often talked on the forum about having confidence in ourselves and our jewelry, and Weiman tackles these in both the workbook and CD.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting your own jewelry making business but have not had the confidence to do so, or maybe you have just started but aren’t clear about how to approach marketing your work. The inexperienced and self-doubters among us will find Weiman’s approach very helpful. For the more experienced jewelry business owner, the self-analysis techniques maybe what you need to further your success.

You can find out more about David Weiman’s virtual marketing seminar on his web site at http://www.marketingjewelry.com. The package (CD and hardcopy workbook) retails for $34.95 (plus shipping), and he offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

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