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Holiday Jewelry Projects

Make beautiful jewelry, just for the holidays. Wire, beads, metal and more are covered in these projects and links. Many jewelry items can also be used as decorative ornaments.
  1. 4th of July Jewelry (9)
  2. Bead Only Ornaments (9)
  3. Bead Ornaments & Jewelry (20)
  4. Easter Jewelry Projects (12)
  5. Easy Holiday Jewelry (10)
  6. Fathers' Day Jewelry (2)
  7. Halloween Ornaments/Jewelry (20)
  8. Hanukkha Ornaments (1)
  9. Metal Ornaments & Jewelry (1)
  10. Mothers' Day Jewelry (8)
  11. St. Patty Jewelry Projects (15)
  12. Thanksgiving/Fall Jewelry (11)
  13. Valentine's Jewelry (32)
  14. Wire & Bead Ornaments (12)
  15. Wire Only Ornaments (6)

Holiday-Themed Necklace Projects
Make necklaces to celebrate holidays throughout the year.

Holiday-Themed Earring Projects
Make beautiful earring designs, just for the holidays. Wire, beads, metal, and more are covered in these easy jewelry projects.

Celebrate the Holiday
No matter what the holiday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or even Halloween, it's an excellent excuse to make yourself a bracelet to celebrate.

Summer Jewelry Projects
Kick off your shoes and relax with some summer jewelry made from shells and other summer-themed materials.

Fall Jewelry Projects
Make jewelry designs by using thematic elements and color selections that make you think of the fall season.

Recycled Gift Card Necklace for Earth Day

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