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Create a Wire and Bead Spider


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Introduction and Materials
Create a Wire and Bead Spider

Wire and Bead Spider

Tammy Powley
Here's a spooky spider you can make by using some craft wire and beads. Then use your imagination to add him to some findings and make some spider jewelry. Or, leave him as is and hanging around to freak out your friends. If you like twisting wire and beading, then you'll enjoy this quick project.

You’ll need:

24-gauge craft wire
1 - 8mm bead
1 - 12mm bead
32 -1/4 inch bugle beads
40 seed beads
Wire Cutters
Chain-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers

For the round beads, I used clear and crystal beads. For the bugle beads, I used black beads. You can use any colors you'd like and make a rainbow of spiders.

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