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Free Jewelry Making E-Courses


Learn how to make jewelry at home with one of these free jewelry making e-courses. Discover new techniques in beading, wire work, fiber, fabrication, metal clay, and more. There is even a course on how to start your own jewelry business. 

Make Copper Clay Jewelry

Copper Clay Lace Heart Pendant
Tammy Powley

This 6 lesson weekly course will introduce you to working with copper clay, including how to fire the clay as well as a number of hands-on projects. A good prerequisite to this e-course is Introduction to Metal Clay course, either the weekly lesson version or the daily lesson version.

Metal Jewelry Fabrication

Hammered Dangle Earrings
Tammy Powley

The term "fabrication" when it comes to metal jewelry making refers to the art of manipulating metal. That means bending, cutting, and shaping it as a way to create jewelry designs. This e-course, designed for the beginner, covers various metal fabrication techniques that do not require soldering or any torch work.

Introduction to Metal Clay Jewelry

Quilted Metal Clay Beads
Tammy Powley
Discover this unique jewelry medium called “metal clay.” This introductory course includes seven lessons you'll receive over the next seven weeks, one lesson per week. It is designed to provide you with basic information about this interesting jewelry making medium along with suggestions for getting started, resources to help you explore more on your own, and a few projects for you to try out.

Lessons in Jewelry Love

Lovely Lampwork Flower Earrings
Tammy Powley

You can make jewelry to show someone you love them any time of the year, but since February is the month of love (because of Valentine’s Day of course) this free jewelry making e-course is designed as a tribute to the month of love. This course is available all year round; however, so sign up whenever you want. It is made up of 28 projects and each project incorporates the theme of “Love.” After you sign up for this free e-course, you’ll receive a lesson every day for 28 days. Lesson projects combine a number of jewelry making techniques from wire to beads.

How to Start a Jewelry Business

Art Show Tent
Tammy Powley

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own jewelry business but aren’t sure how to begin, then this is the e-course for you. In this 14 week course, I’ll cover the basics of business; offer suggestions for selling and marketing; give insight into alternative business models to consider; provide tips from other successful jewelry business owners; and inform you about valuable resources.

Chandelier Earrings

Triple P Chandelier Earrings
Tammy Powley
Learn about chandelier earrings. What are they? Are they still popular? How do you make them? In just a six weeks, you'll know all you need to know to whip up a pair or two in no time. This class is designed for beginners and intermediate jewelry makers.

Macrame Jewelry Basics

Macrame Necklace Supplies
Tammy Powley

Learn the basics of making macrame jewelry. This course covers the supplies you need as well as tips and techniques for the beginner macrame jewelry maker. You will get 6 lessons in 6 weeks in this weekly e-course.

Bead Knotting for Beginners

Second Bead Knotting Step
Tammy Powley

Once you know the basics of bead stringing, the next step is to learn how to knot between your beads. Knotting is a way to add a little extra quality to a piece of jewelry, and it’s really not that difficult to do. This course concentrates on knotting techniques, and if you’ve never done any bead stringing, I recommend that you first complete my Bead Stringing for Beginners E-Course.

Bead Stringing for Beginners

Beads and Bead Board
Tammy Powley

Bead stringing is an incredibly popular form of jewelry making, and you can learn to make your own beaded jewelry with just a few short lessons. In fact, if you’ve never made any jewelry before, then this e-course is the place to start. Learn all about jewelry findings and beads, plus how to make your own necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Cyborg Techno Jewelry Making

Just about anyone who lives during the 21st century now has cell phones, PDAs, laptops, and other techno-related items. As jewelry designers, we can add a little glitz to what otherwise may be boring techno-gadgets and accessories. This weekly e-course (4 lessons long) includes quick and easy projects to jazz up everything from cell phones to ID badges and more.

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